Webster Pacific has developed proprietary methods to create demographic, wealth, and road network data in over 40 international markets. Please contact steve@websterpacific.com for a sample dataset or a demo.

Data Offerings

International Demographic and Wealth Data

Methodology Overview: The international datasets are micro-geographic estimates (“WP Blocks,” squares of 0.5 miles per side) of both demographics and wealth. We create these datasets using proprietary calculations from: road networks, demographic data, real estate data, and other available information, including road density and satellite imagery.


  • Shapefile of “WP Block” polygons
  • Corresponding text file with the following fields:
    • Demographics
      • Population by age group per polygon
      • Households per polygon
      • Expatriates per polygon (Select Markets Only)
    • High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI)
      • HNWI Concentration per polygon
      • HNWI per polygon
Population Density by WPBlock Shenzhen_v2

Traffic Accurate Road Networks

Methodology Overview: These road networks can be used to create drive-time catchments and route plans, along with a variety of other analyses.  The road networks are statistically tested to simulate actual drive-times at particular times of the day or week.


  • The road network, in the form of a geodatabase, which covers the wider metro area of a particular market
  • The geodatabases typically include several hundred thousand road segments, each with fields for segment length and traffic-adjusted road speed

Property Price Predictions

Methodology Overview: The property price prediction maps estimate where wealth is increasing in a city.  These maps are based on proprietary analytics and publicly available data. The analysis uses historical census data about income, households and population, as well as recent real estate price trends. This information is then organized on a drive-time basis and then displayed in the form of a heat map.


  • A personalized Google My Maps for the requested market