Using Data-Driven Location Analytics to Guide Commercial Real Estate Investments

Written by Webster Pacific Consultant Steve Bazant. Published by Cre.Tech on May 23rd, 2017. 

My father, a seasoned commercial real estate broker, always told me that real estate is about “location, location, location.” While working in his office as teenager, I can remember hearing brokers arguing loudly about which neighborhoods were up and coming, what the residents were like, and where the most money could be made. After working in the consulting industry for several years, my company, Webster Pacific, has embarked on an analytical journey to better quantify “location, location, location.” To educate our clients, we have taken our own, novel approach to location analytics.

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October 13th, 2016 – Cost and Value in K-12 Education
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Core questions:

  • What is educational value? What is the value proposition for charter, district and private schools?
  • What are the biggest components of the cost and how do costs vary between public, private and charter schools?
  • What cost centers generate the most and least educational value?
  • What schools or districts would you hold up as role models for achieving great educational value for their cost?
  • What are the greatest opportunities for advancing educational value and/or reducing educational cost?
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